Depending on your subscription, you may choose to receive instant SMS text alerts on one asset, three assets, or eight assets. Once payment has been confirmed, you will receive a text message confirming that you have been subscribed to the service.

The Lotus SMS instant alerts is currently only available in the US, but will be rolling out in Australia, Europe, and Canada in the coming months.

Our custom indicator is proprietary and confidential, you will receive permission-based access.

Yes. We offer a free 7 day trial to test out the Nitro Lotus on TradingView.

Currently we only accept payments through PayPal but will be expanding our payments options in the future.

Once permission is granted to use the LOTUS, please refresh Tradingview. Once refreshed, the LOTUS will appear.

YES. The Nitro LOTUS is one indicator which includes Alerts.

All lifetime purchases are final. There are no refunds on subscriptions that have already been billed but cancellations of subscriptions can be made at any time.

All purchases of the Lotus are only valid per one trading view account. If you have created a new Tradingview account and would like to switch access to the new account, permission will be granted. However, the old account will have its access revoked.

This indicator is designed to educate and inform on potential trading opportunities. All bull and bear signals help identify movements in the market.

You will be notified through email whenever a change has been made to the Lotus indicator.

Lotus does not guarantee any profit or loss on any asset during trials or purchases of our Lotus Indicator. Lotus is an educational tool that pinpoints market activity.